Copy editing

When copy editing, I check for the following:

  • Errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization;

  • Accidental mistakes such as typos, lack of (or too much) spacing between words, abrupt verb tense/point of view change, and repetitions;

  • Syntax, word choice, transition, and consistency;

  • Formatting of table of contents, chapter numeration, paragraphs, page numbers, and overall manuscript consistency;

  • Anything else you need from me.

I copy edit with utmost care for detail and uniformity. I also provide Track Changes and comments for your consideration. 

Beta Reading

When beta reading, I focus on the following:

  • Grammar and spelling;

  • Character description and development;

  • Story consistency, flow, transition, clarity, and engagement;

  • Tone and voice style;

  • Anything else you need from me.

As an avid reader, it's important that a story I'm reading is immersive as well as clear and credible. I can help you with that!


For proofreading, I include both copy editing and beta reading as part of my services as well as anything else you may need from me as editor.

Pricing & Turn-around

Pricing is subject to the number of pages in your manuscript, the quality of your manuscript, and the editorial work that needs to be done with it. Generally, the turn-around time of a manuscript is 2 weeks. It can be a month depending on the workload I already have. The transaction is done via PayPal upon commencement of the service. Please contact me for more details regarding your individual pricing and turn-around time.

Test drive

In case you aren't certain whether you'd like to work with me, I offer free copy editing/beta reading/proofreading of 2 chapters of your choice. This way, you'll get to see how I work and whether I'm a good fit for you. If you do choose to work with me, I'll support you completely and indefinitely until you're fully satisfied with your manuscript.


“I'm very satisfied with the wonderful job Nadia has done with my manuscript. Her prices are amazing and the quality of work is more than worth it. She took a novella manuscript I was unsure of but excited about and turned it into something I'm proud of. I had previously edited my own work for self publishing which resulted in unprofessional polish on my long pieces, but now I look forward to hiring Nadia for all my future works!”
- Cee Martinez, Author of Antipathia

“Nadia Gerassimenko is a consummate professional editor with a keen eye for detail. I was nervous with working with someone online that I had never met in person but Nadia made the process easy and very reassuring. Nadia conducted a complete copy/line edit of my novel in half the estimated time! She identified and corrected errors that my friends and I missed after going over the entire manuscript three times. Nadia's editing style and the method in which she delivers her work is easy to follow and easy to import back to the original digital copy of the manuscript. Working with Nadia has been highly enjoyable and a learning experience. I would happily employ her editing skills for my next writing project!”
- A. D. Hamilton, Author of Dichotomy

“Nadia proofread and copy-edited my poetry chapbook with both diligence and speed. In a matter of days, she delivered my manuscript exactly as I had hoped—full of necessary tweaks and helpful comments. Overall, I found her to be a sensitive and thorough reader. She understood my creative intentions and challenged me to present polished work. I highly recommend her for any and all proofreading and copy-editing assignments.”
- Christine Stoddard, Author of Lavinia Moves To New York

 “I am completely content with my enjoyable and enlightening proofreading experience with Nadia. She is an incredibly capable and insightful editor who offered an extensive look into my manuscript. In regards to the story itself, she did an excellent job in suggesting what to add, remove and/or improve in order to strengthen the narrative and was able to pick up plot holes and any other issues that an author may miss. I would definitely recommend her to any writer and will certainly be making use of her impeccable services again.”
- Claire L. Smith, Author of Dr Vladis and the Hounds

“I first met Nadia when one of my articles was accepted for publication in LL and she provided a professional edit. Nadia is personable and very gracious with her suggestions. She has assisted me on a number of projects over the years and I came to appreciate the wealth of experience and enthusiasm she brings to the table. I highly recommend her services.”
- Ana P., Writer, Editor & Artist

“Nadia is an outstanding editor. She goes above and beyond with everything from proofreading and line editing to content feedback and submission suggestions. She's considerate, communicative, insightful, and, most importantly, skillfully navigates the tricky balance of encouragement and constructive criticism. She turns things around quickly and always met the deadlines we agreed on. Whatever the project, you can trust Nadia with your work.”
- Alana Saltz, Editor-in-Chief of Blanket Sea