A Valentine Poetry Special by Matthew Price

JayJay Photography

JayJay Photography

Shards in the skin of my soul

I love them all, every last one of them
Lovers now only mist, long distant
Yet they linger as shards in the skin of my soul
And I have no malice towards them, no anger
All that remains is love, the colored glass
Glass fragments that catch the sunlight
Illuminating cold stones with rainbow essence
There in the stillness when my soul sleeps
I feel them alive in me, whispering, wandering
My heart clinging to the beauty of what was
Like snow in the shadows, waiting  
Aching for the pain the light would bring
If it breathed their lives within me again
Sometimes I hear their laughter, feel a kiss
And give thanks for what lives within me.


Release of the Tempest

Prospero’s tempest unleashed
On a metamorphoses of seascapes
Fleshly forms bending
Billowing surf alive
On rhythm’s passive dance
Surging, sweeping, swelling
In Miranda’s wake
As seabird screams      
Echo over the wilding rush
Breakers crashing in thunders
While twisting seafoam flows
From sweet undulations          
In a cresting convolution of moans
Swelling, rippling, flooding
Whitecap sheets of night
Tempest now sweet release.


Sweet sacred soul

Hush hush,
sweet sacred soul.
White winter’s kiss did burn
in echoes of dust and gold;
a fabric woven in laced stone.
Sweet wine now passion unleashes
for her eyes, sky blue azure glow
are pools of spiced mystery.
Eloquence of black turquoise ripples
and pink-laced lingerie summers
are enveloped in the scent of relics.
There are breathing books on the shelf;
pages of winding staircases and
whispers transcribed on her soft skin.
Sweet sterling etched Scottish shadows
make love within these purple mountains,
caught on memory’s frantic photography.
It hints at wild horses sipping trickling streams
in those ancient forests of untamed fairies,
and how they murmur lullabies
of hush hush hush…


Matthew Price (or Eros Rises) was born in Northern California, and grew up near San Francisco. He studied art and creative writing before moving to Missouri to complete a masters degree in education. Currently, he is finalizing a historic novel and a modern screenplay, both set in Portugal. He resides in Arkansas, working as a full-time editor and part-time writer.
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