Poetry by Serena M. Agusto-Cox of Savvy Verse & Wit

Maren Klemp

Maren Klemp

Copper Peaches

Slipped through my fingers,
Brown without rainbow dye,
they are brittle, and become dust in hand.

An empty peach hourglass.

The chill was sharper than,
an ax on a grinding wheel.
Sunlight seeped through cracks
set these dead leaves afire.

Dark green canopies shelter my way -
deeper behind the farmhouse.
Sunlight sparkles on wrinkled foil,
Caesar's victory crown, still,
The blustery wind blows
dries their skin,
Stings my lungs,
They sway clumsily in the draft,
so weighty, they fall.
Ballerinas in Swan Lake
skate across glazed ice,
lighter than parchment, but
heavier than air.
Rest upon the ground
bruised from impact and careless trampling.
Swiss cheese foil,
bronzed and useless for wrapping.

I've walked down this wooded way
lined with pine guards armed with sharp needles.
Carelessly treading on crispy rice
echoing pain in the shade.

(previously published in Beginnings: A Magazine for Novice Writers, 2003)



Raindog drug his feet
against grass blades
hoping to cut his paws.
Only a massage of a notion,
he no longer worked.
Worked for a man
a five-piece suit
with black neck ties.
Tied so tight
around blue necked lips.



The voice screeched above the river
like a noose-strangled finch.
Sunny weather couldn't placate
her writer's mind.

It whipped and squirreled
like a viper stalking prey.
Ran her ragged as she balanced
on a unicycle in busy Central Park.

The white make-up streamed,
Black teardrops on her skin.
The muse had taken hold of her mime,
trapped -- her arms stiff against the wall.

The crowd gathered,
threw dimes and nickels in her hat.
They faded, her mind stilled,
an undisturbed pond.

She placed the change in her pocket,
Dragging toward the apartment.
The cardboard under the bridge --
the dark tunnel of her muse.

Her spiral notebook,
with ink-scrawled lines of poems
finger-smudged and dying
on her shivering lips.

(previously published in Poems Niederngasse Issue 69, 2004)



An ordinary man
with a mind full of regret,
funny stories and love.

Sheep and cow tipping;
The day he met Maureen;
A family gambled
on a car salesman's whim.

Consumed by dark addiction,
though he seeks them out.
A son reaches -
his wrinkled hand.

A pot filled with starch
weighs in the stomach.
An offering of good faith,
a remedy for hurts passed.



Dark, periwinkle, chiaroscuro dapples
on wet paint canvas.
She breathes desperate gasps,

Her chill shrill sensitizes
skin exposed to her voice.
Through leaves she hums,
Screeches Brahms' lullaby.

Beneath waves crash --
thrash to stay alert.
Cold anger splashes high
toward strained features.

Spitting palettes at crests,
she sparkles in ripples.
Waves run faster, fiercer
only to be crushed by her sorrow.

(previously published in Muse Apprentice Guild, Fall 2003)



Serena M. Agusto-Cox, a Suffolk University graduate, writes more vigorously than she did in her college poetry seminars. Her day job continues to feed the starving artist, and her poems can be read in Beginnings, LYNX, Muse Apprentice Guild, The Harrow, Poems Niederngasse, Avocet, Pedestal Magazine, and other journals.  An essay also appears in H.L. Hix’s Made Priceless, as does a Q&A on book marketing through blogs in Midge Raymond’s Everyday Book Marketing.  She also runs the book review blog, Savvy Verse & Wit, and founded Poetic Book Tours to help poets market their books.