Art by Robin Basalaev-Binder

These works, untitled as of yet, are a collection of ink and watercolor paintings, exploring what art can do and mean in a time when connection to our surroundings can be difficult to grasp. As a full-time researcher in urban planning, my head is constantly immersed in the technocratic and often ugly practices of cities. My inspiration comes from the need I see in others (and myself) for some reprieve from that world.

All my work is done by hand on paper and then photographed. I use digital editing to clean up backgrounds, and occasionally to reinforce the geometric shapes present in the pieces.
— Robin Basalaev-Binder

Robin Basalaev-Binder is an artist and urban planner based between - and inspired by - Montreal, Canada, and New Jersey. She recently began exploring painting again using primarily watercolors, gouache, conté, and inks. She believes in fighting injustice through resistance, critical thought and creativity and hopes to focus more on art and its intersection with urban issues in the coming years. | | @vuelodelpez