Poetry Month: Art & Poems by Ana Prundaru


Heroes and Hunters

Guided by a snug breeze,
the panting feline galloped across the field,
halting where deep longitudinal marks
were carved into a rubber tree.
Wreathed in morning mist, the hunter’s trophy
found comfort, as he brushed his inky
golden vest against her claw marks. Inhaling
her scent, the tiger howled madrigals
and sealed memories behind shimmering eyes.

Originally published in Wilderness House Literary Review


Blood Moon

Crumbled beneath peachy rocks,
she itched for the slippery stairs,
escaping the bridge slumping into
mother nature's lap;
hope on the left, hopelessness
on the right.

Stars spoon the second pouring of
the stratosphere's grating cry
into a chipped cup. Ductile
miniature clouds balance
on cantilevers, as dawn pushes lunar
thoughts into the horizon.





Vital Human

His memory is strongest on hazy Sunday afternoons;
empty skinned and sobbing, she squeezes my heart, as if
trying to stop me.

I step alone into the shadows of expired backwoods. My eyes
flutter silently between spring and the horned sky and
I roll the skin on my stomach into a blooming hyacinth,
her favorite flower.

A glowing key edges out of my tired eye socket at dusk,
opening a cherry wood music box that I buried near
a Tamarisk tree.

I seal new recollections in an odor-free environment.
It is inevitable that dirt from under my fingernails mixes
with mutilated layers of forgotten messages.

Cracked snail shells are loudest to sigh. Sand grains
however, remain mum. In an intricate procedure, each riot victim
is ventilated out of cell membranes, until pain

joins the blind smile of time. For now, I spare memories
of us, cradling sorrows in empty fireplaces.

The key crawls back and I step behind walls that drown
between two cities. Intimacy jawbones are the last to fold to ash.

Originally published in Rain, Party & Disaster Society


Ana Prundaru was born in Romania, raised in Germany and Japan, and thereafter bounced between Switzerland, US, Netherlands and France. Currently a postgraduate student, her research interests are in the field of medical law and health as a social construction. She is fortunate to have had her words and visual art published widely, including most recently in Bear Review, Off the Coast, Blue Mesa Review and Kyoto Journal. She lives in Zurich.