Poetry Month: Spoken Word By Lee Harral


Whenever I read or listen to Lee’s work, it takes me to an abysmally deep and dark place. Instead of begging to get out, I remain there because that’s exactly where I want to be. It’s the reverberating and encompassing darkness and melancholy of his tone that attract me to his writing and keep me there spellbound. It’s all that which brings back the familiarity of what I once suffered, of what I still feel today. It’s an experiential déjà vu and it connects me to him on a spiritual level all the more. It's as if we have a spiritual understanding between us of our mutual sufferings. It’s as if all that he wrote was meant for my eyes and ears, and I can’t help but feel satiated even if melancholy is a bitter feeling. It can be sweet too. Because it is so much better to feel something--good or bad--than to be numb. And in the end, it makes you grow stronger and expand further. Today, I’d like to feature some of his spoken word renditions that affected me personally the most.


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Sea Of Time


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About The Author

Born in Manchester, U.K.

I've always enjoyed being creative--writing, photography, video production, audio narrations. As a child I was very interested in art. I grew up as a single child. My imagination was a valuable ally.

My style is abstract, dreamlike, surreal. I often write about love (a subject that fascinates me). There is often a sadness present, a longing. I love to paint pictures with words. The tone is often dark.

I have produced videos for several of my writer friends. Several years ago I became friends with the writer and artist Maddie Holliday Von Stark (Wisconsin, USA) who provided me with support and encouragement. She has been a major influence.

Favourite writers: Sylvia Plath (massively important), William Burroughs, Daphne du Maurier, Edgar Allan Poe, Oscar Wilde, Sheridan Le Fanu.