Moonchild Dreams


Morphine dreams

To dream of calm after the storm
Of verdant grass and cherry blossoms
Of wild adventures into the sea
Or grounds of ancient civilizations
Of happy days and passion feelings
Of bucket lists and life of purpose
Delicious drinks and gourmandises
Of friendships found and never lost
Of childhood years and innocence

While Morphine runs through her veins
Sedating her painful heat
Like a wounded animal appeases
In the woods of a wintry night




Burning House Press--my body is not my body

Cauldron Anthology--Blue whale's song, Phoenix rising 

Daphne Magazine--Elizabeth

Dime Show Review--freedom came in gradations

ELKE "A Little Journal"--i butchered my hair today


OCCULUM--elusive, Honey Hives

Quail Bell Magazine--at the water's edge, Sueño de Amor

Rag Queen Periodical--Tusk for Tusk

Reality Hands--deliverance

SEA FOAM MAG--dolores

The New England Review of Books--Silence(d), The wondering

The Voices Project--Every woman born

Three Drops from a Cauldron--A flickering light

Writer's Block--Safe cocoon

Yes Poetry--dolores confesses, dolores succumbs, dolores wishes, dolores doubted


Select Essays

Creative Non-Fiction: The Nuances of Pain and Soul

How Going Gluten-Free Changed My Life

Review of Christine Stoddard's 'Chica/Mujer'

Things People Say That Can Be Hurtful to Those With Illness or Disability


Visual Art

Bad Pony Magazine--1 Photograph

Cotton Xenomorph--1 Photograph

Every Pigeon--4 Photographs

Honey & Lime Lit--2 Photographs (forthcoming)

OCCULUM--4 Photographs

Parentheses Journal--1 Photograph

Pidgeonholes--1 Photograph

Quail Bell Magazine--1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Photographs

The New England Review of Books--1 Photograph



at the water's edge--Directed and narrated by Lee Harral

bleeding heart--Music by Aquamarine Space Unicorns

i butchered my hair today--Directed and narrated by by Lee Harral

Safe cocoon--Directed and narrated by Christine Stoddard

Silence(d)--Directed and narrated by Christine Stoddard